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IOSH Managing Safely V 5.0

The course is offered in association with Poshe solutions, the accredited course provider, centre number 1227.


There are 3 international courses.They are listed one by one.

  • Course Duration
    3 Days
  • Exam Type

IOSH Managing Safely V 5.0

IOSH Managing Safely is delivered using animated presentation through LMS. IOSH MS course V5.0 is designed for managers and supervisors from any domain/organization. Because, it is specifically designed for the managers to accelerate on the ground actions for which they are held responsible since they are responsible for health and safety within their team. Certainly delegates can think about what they are learning – therefore they build confidence also energy level within them. Finally put it into practice when they are back to their workplace.

A new dimension for health and safety training:

  • First of all, IOSH MS V5.0 sessions are filled with fun, the art of learning by practice; hence for sure you will not get bored from the PowerPoint presentation.
  • A 3 days course with minimum 22 hours face-to-face interaction covering the basics of health and safety management systems.
  • A clear delegate workbook with sections for notes and Q & A sections, almost with numerous simple custom designed illustrations.
  • Superior quality animated graphic presentations.
  • Step wise technical content for beginners therefore they understand what they need to know in the workplace.
  • Clear scenarios which the managers relate to the workplace/work environment.
  • Finally, a range of ready-made resources, consequently training tools including a board game based on risk assessment, DVDs, and quizzes also used to make the learners engaged during the session.
  • Upon successful completion of assessment, the delegates who qualified will be awarded IOSH MS Certification.

What does the course cover?

IOSH Managing safely course in Pudukkottai and Chennai covers the health and safety management system basics, furthermore the responsibilities of a health and safety manager and common workplace hazards and a risk assessment project based on your theory/board game/workplace.

IOSH Managing Safely covers:

  • Module 1: Introducing Managing Safely
  • Module 2: Assessing Risks
  • Module 3: Controlling Risks
  • Module 4: Understanding your responsibilities
  • Module 5: Identifying Hazards
  • Module 6: Investigating Accidents and Incidents
  • Module 7: Measuring Performance