IIPHS College of Fire & Safety Management | Chennai


IIPHS is the very first and only college in India which offers EHS Education courses, such as Fire & Safety courses in regular mode under Government University in Tamil Nadu.


The Lecture halls at IIPHS are equipped with ceiling mounted LCD projectors, Computers. The classes are conducted on spacious halls for every courses & the buildings have been designed in a way that lecture halls received less disturbances during class hours.

Computer Lab

The primary goals of the computer labs and classrooms is to provide assistance to students that will enhance their chances of succeeding in technology based classroom assignments and provide access to equipment that will support the needs of instruction where we celebrate life-long learning. The computer labs support the curriculum of the college and the assignments of the instructors. We encourage you to use these facilities with the help & guidance of your instructor.


The mission of college library is to enlight the knowledge of students & library.The college library is dynamic, which composed of latest books, e-journals & Magazines. Our library staffs always focus on assisting the students and motivate them to read books regularly.

PPE Room

Considering the safety course, the major part is which is provided to our students for having the better practical exposure which will help them in their future organization.

In India, IIPHS is one & only college which provides right from the basic equipment to advanced equipment where A-Z PPE products available at large quantity & IIPHS has one of the largest PPE Room in India.IIPHS provide this sort of adequate training to the student in order to meet out the Hazards & Risk factors.


The main aim of the hostel is to provide an ideal environment for a good & healthy formation of the Mind, Body & Spirit. It aims to foster a long lasting friendship among all inmates & give them a sense of emotional security and calmness. It has always been proved that hostelers have a great deal of attachment for the institution which comparing with the days scholar.

Hostel curriculum is designed to give a greater Mind strength for each & every inmate. Our ultimate aim is to make our students feel the home. The main condition of the hostel is character formation & self development.

Our Hostels has a spacious which provides hygenic and tasty food. IIPHS provides a positive environment to the students which is helpful for their overall development & make their stay at the college is a memorable productive & joyful journey.