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NEBOSH International General Certificate

The course is offered in association with Poshe solutions, the accredited course provider, centre number 1227.


Out of all Nebosh course in Pudukkottai & Chennai, Nebosh IGC stands high among candidate registrations since it is widely respected qualification in the field of health and safety. Hence, it is perfect for beginners to start their career in occupational safety and health, more over it develops basic skills to work in any organization.

Therefore Nebosh IGC Training gives exceptional platform to your career in any industry, consequently Nebosh IGC course in Chennai is offered with IOSH MS as a combo courses.

Is there any prerequisite for joining Nebosh Course in chennai ?

There are no formal prerequisites for joining NEBOSH Course However, it is advisable that candidates must have minimum literacy in English, i.e. LSRW –Learning, Speaking, Reading, Writing skills in English, probably as an additional benefit to take Nebosh IGC exams positively.

What Jobs do I Qualify for?

  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Safety Advisor
  • Risk Assessor

With this qualification progress your career in the health and safety, further you can proceed with qualifications like NEBOSH International Diploma or Occupational Safety Health International Diploma (OSH IDIP).

OSH International diploma enhances your skills and competence to become HSE specialist or Advisor.

Skills I Obtain from Nebosh IGC Training?

Studying Nebosh course in Chennai & other location either through classroom or interactive e-learning system which will help to obtain multidisciplinary skills in health and safety.

First of all this course will help you to know important legal requirements / standards applied in health and safety, furthermore identification and control of workplace hazards finally, a practical application of these knowledge covered in Nebosh IGC (Nebosh International General Certificate).

Understanding the significance of health and safety within your job role, competence required to take reasonable actions, as a result progressing towards successful management of health and safety at your workplace